I work with PhD scholars, early career researchers, and academics to find clarity of purpose and direction in their research/academic lives towards realising their aspirations – excelling to be the best version of themselves.

Coaching can enable you achieve the following results:

  • Balance, productivity and fulfilment in your research/academic life
  • Back on track and staying motivated during your PhD 
  • Overcome roadblocks in your academic writing 
  • Experiencing a sense of purpose and meaning in your work
  • Moving forward with positive results through intentional actions
  • Self-belief and ‘can do’ mindset that empowers you to succeed
  • Playing to your strengths with greater engagement and productivity
  • Excelling at being the best version of yourself
  • Growth in leadership capabilities through executive coaching (see also Career Progression & Transition)

If you would like to find out more, you are welcome to book a free virtual 30 minute discovery call to help you decide if coaching is for you. During this call, I will address any queries you have about coaching.


I develop and deliver customised workshops and programmes to groups and teams within the higher education sector and associated service/industry partners relevant to PhD scholars, early career researchers and academics. Facilitation involves capacity building, personal and professional development, and leadership with an emphasis on optimizing strengths. Participants are supported in a safe learning environment to develop new knowledge and skills, particularly, new ways of thinking and being in their personal and work lives. The core principles of coaching are applied to encourage participants engage in open dialogue and move towards a clear set of actions for their desired outcomes. Participants will enjoy high energy and interactive sessions involving experiential learning and development, with fun added to the mix. Delivery can be through virtual/face to face sessions or a combination of both.

I can facilitate by enabling you to:

  • Shift your mindset towards successful change management 
  • Realise possibilities for personal/professional fulfilment and progression
  • Discover and amplify your strengths for enhanced motivation and engagement in what you are great at
  • Mastering your best self/selves through effective strategies for desired results

Career Progression & Transition

I work with individuals or teams to assist them with planning career progression and/or transition, supporting them towards a pathway of success. This includes working with organisations supporting their staff in career and role development.

I support individuals through one-to-one coaching as well as facilitating group sessions.

Services offered include:

  • Executive coaching e.g. enabling change, team development, leadership development
  • Planning for career progression/transition e.g. gaining clarity and direction,  assessing and evidencing job selection criteria, crafting personal career story; interview preparation  
  • Succeeding in new work roles/careers e.g. creating a new identity, navigating the unknown,  playing to your strengths, building relationships, planning and actioning for the first 90 days; knowledge translation.

If you would like to find out more, you are welcome to book a free virtual 30 minute discovery call to help you decide if this service can support you at this point in your life.

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