Spring is here since March – my favourite of all seasons. The arrival of Spring and journeying through Spring never ceases to fill my whole being with awe and a sense of wonder. I notice the buds of trees and shrubs in my garden awakening, preparing to grow and blossom into delightful green foliage, bursting forth over time into a magical array of colour. I see the soft pink blossoms of my cherry tree, the radiant deep pinks, reds and purples of my rhododendrons. It is always a delight to welcome the bloom of my Hellebores for their short visit in Spring as they greet me with their pendulous white flowers nodding gently and with elegance in the breeze.  

Connecting with nature for ‘new beginnings’ 

As I notice the awakening of buds and the emergence of colours, I find myself questioning what this all means. What comes to mind for me is the power of connecting with nature to  ‘embrace new beginnings’.  A quality associated with Spring is new growth and blossoming. We are now at the end of the mid-spring season which is a season to allow ourselves and our dreams to begin to grow towards our full potential.  Mid-spring is a good time to pause, take stock, and acknowledge any new growth and changes occurring in our lives. We need to celebrate these changes, something we do not do enough of. Celebrate – even if progress towards change seems small to you right now. Keep in mind, big changes in our lives often result from a series of small changes over time. 

My ‘new beginnings’

Spring is a season of ‘embracing new beginnings’ characterised by a rising energy and zest for growth.   Writing this blog is a new beginning for me as it is my ‘first’ as a coach, taking me out of my comfort zone since my previous experience of writing has been scientific papers as an academic. My ‘new beginning’ is more than writing a first blog though.  

I wish to share with you that a rising energy within me for some time has been a desire to grow as a nature-based coach. Although practicing as a professional coach since 2019, I had never considered connecting my love for coaching and my love for nature (especially in my garden) until last year – both were separate entities in my life. Thanks to a Legacy Programme I completed in 2023 with a coach and soulful psychologist, Niamh Hannan, I connected with my inner landscape that helped me access and visualise who I wanted to become as a coach. Since the Legacy Programme, I have continued to develop and grow my skill set with the instruction and support of Michael Jospe and team at the Earth Based Institute, Colorado,, and also Lesley Roberts of Coaching Outdoors UK.  A new identity is emerging for me and with that a new sense of purpose. My purpose now as a nature-based coach is: “to enable everyone to grow and fulfill our true nature.”   

As I nurture my ‘new beginning’, I look forward to developing my new brand from budding to flowering stage. Moreover, I am excited to be integrating nature as a collaborator into my coaching practice as an offering to clients in supporting them make transformational changes in their lives.

What is your ‘new beginning’ this Spring?

To trigger your curiosity about new beginnings for YOU, I invite you now to reflect on these questions: 

  1. What energy is currently rising within you towards a zest for new growth in your life?
  2. What growth do you visualise for yourself in embracing a ‘new beginning’ in your life? 
  3. How will you blossom by pursuing a ‘new beginning’  in your life? 

Try responding to these questions by jotting down your thoughts and feelings and also speaking them aloud.  As you connect with your ‘inner landscape’, notice what new beginnings are awakening for you and the possibilities that await you through purposeful growth and blossoming. 

In drawing a close to my first ever blog, I’ll leave you with the following quote from LM. Montgomery. 

“Nothing ever seems impossible in spring, you know.” 

If you would like support to progress your ‘new beginnng’ to being an exciting reality for you, why not start your journey with nature as a guide. Curious to hear more? Please DM me via LinkedIn

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